Rabu, 16 Mac 2011

pelik tetapi benar(kalu mengandung jng tengok ,takut trkenan)

ner kawan ita hantar kat opis tadi..jadi pelik ada ke...dia ada...susah gak lah kalu hilang..susah nak cari..lagi satu comel..kalu mengandung jangan tengok......

The finger monkey is the tiniest living primate in the world.

It's so small that it can hold on to your finger.

This cute little primate hugs and grips on to your finger so tight that it pulls your heartstrings and you wish you could take it home with you.

Finger monkeys are, as a matter of fact, pygmy marmosets.

They are also known by the names "pocket monkey" and "tiny lion".

These primates belong to the family Callitrichidae, species Cebu Ella and genus C. pygmaea.

They are native to rain-forests of Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.

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